What are chargebacks?

Sometimes, the card holder disputes the charge and request a "charge back" from their card operator. This can happen for several reasons and the client might claim that: (a) he never placed an order or cannot remember about the order or (b) the product was defective and he sent it back. As a protective measure to the client, the card operator will often side first with the client and will revert the transaction, causing a "chargeback".

At PAYMILL, chargebacks are validated individually. We will contact the contractual partner (you or your customer) directly and ask him/her to provide evidence that the payment was made correctly. In the section below we will explain this procedure in more detail.

If the matter has not been resolved within 14 days, we will have to charge the contractual partner for the amount and the verification expenses.

What to do when my client requests a chargeback?

1. Clarify the facts

Get in touch with the credit card holder as soon as possible and find out why he/she made the claim. Often, customers just did not recognize a payment on his/her credit card invoice. Once you have clarified the matter, the customer can contact his/her bank and withdraw the reclaim.

Hint: To avoid misunderstandings, setup a clearly visible charging statement for your customer.

2. Raise an objection

If the matter cannot be resolved, you can raise objection to the chargeback. It is crucial that you send us all shipping and delivery receipts and receipts about refunds that were already paid. We will then forward the documents to the customer's bank to resolve the issue.

3. How can I avoid chargebacks?

Unfortunately, it will never be possible to avoid chargebacks completely. But you can follow these guidelines to make them less likely to occur:

  • State your policies for return and refunds clearly on your website.
  • State your delivery times and/or offer tracking of shipments. Therefore, customers will wait for the shipment to arrive instead of contacting their bank first.
  • Provide fast and responsive customer service so that customers can contact you first before initiating a chargeback
  • Provide a recognizable charging statement for your customers when activating your account (for example your domain name). Then, a customer will immediately recognize it.