Abuse Protection

We have collected some important information regarding credit card abuse with e-commerce transactions.

General Information

  • Card holders want to distribute the amount among multiple credit cards.
  • Customer attempts to use multiple credit cards before receiving an approval.
  • Multiple credit card numbers with different names are on one single order.
  • The IP address is from a country different from that of the bank that issued the card or from that of the billing and delivery address.
  • The billing and delivery address is different from that of the bank that issued the card.
  • Multiple credit cards request the same amount within a very brief period of time.
  • All credit cards are rejected until one attempt is successful and approved.

Delivery Abroad

To help you with risk management, here is a list of countries to which deliveries can involve considerably high risk:

  • Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia)
  • Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Balkan States)
  • Western Europe (Great Britain - particularly Greater London; the Netherlands - particularly Greater Rotterdam)
  • Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt)

German Domestic Deliveries

Unfortunately, this has been a pressing area of concern in recent times. A significant portion of abuse currently occurs by using German credit cards and addresses:

  • Delivery to Packing Plants
  • Deliveries where the billing and delivery addresses are different
  • Express Deliveries
  • Deliveries of high-cost products (order value much greater than the usual order value)
  • Deliveries of expensive merchandise that can easily be resold (e.g. via Ebay)
  • Deliveries of products that have been ordered via transactions involving abuse
  • Free e-mail addresses, e.g. yahoo.de, hotmail.com, web.de, googlemail.com
  • The e-mail address does not make obvious sense (e.g. the purchaser's name is Peter Schmidt, with olgamueller@web.de as the e-mail address)

If you suspect that you are the victim of credit card abuse, feel free to report it to security@paymill.com at any time!