Full transparency of all transactions

What is PAYMILL Alerting?

PAYMILL Alerting is a new add-on that will send you and your customer a notification by email for every transaction and any change in its status.

PAYMILL Alerting can send notifications for the following transactions and status changes (successful/failed):

The notification will contain all payment information of the customer (e.g. customer name, payment amount)


Your benefits of PAYMILL Alerting

Add PAYMILL Alerting to your PAYMILL account

Create webhooks manually or automatically via Invoicing Setup Application to generate PAYMILL Alerting

You have to encode your merchant information to your URL when creating the webhook. Please provide the following parameters and make sure that they are URL- encoded:

Paramater Description
email Enter the email address that you want to use to receive notifications from PAYMILL
name Enter the name of your company / shop
address Enter the adress of your company / shop. Spearate each address line by a comma

Exchange the example data with your URL-encoded data (Before activating PAYMILL Alerting please make sure to add the required data like name, address, VAT-ID etc. to your clients description field)